When the internet began, there was a fundamental problem. The problem was that when there is a website on the internet, there was no way to find it unless you know the url. Then came the search engines which seem to solve this problem a little but unfortunately these companies are here to make money nowadays and they only serve content that they think you will need.


Overtime, the social networks also came and they try to help people find the people they lost contact with online and they also ended up in a similar fate where they try to serve ads and make money. As a result when you don’t have money like the big companies which can kick the most dust you get lost in the noise.


A very good illustration of this problem is your computer which can be a black hole sometimes whereby when you save a file or move a file by accident into the wrong directory, it might be lost forever. The internet is a giant black hole sucking up websites all the time.


The sad truth is there are content or knowledge on the internet but only 1 to 10 percent of the people that need them actually get them. Most websites that have good and helpful content are deep inside the internet and they will never ever be found because they are not geographically close to you or the search engines and social networks do not think they have relevant content for you. If you doubt this point, paginate through Google or any of the search engines to the 10th page to see if you will not find a website and think why is this helpful content not on the first page? Or even try some unknown search engine like duckduckgo.com. Well you may not have heard of that search engine either I guess. It tells you the extent of the problem.

Well it is not the fault of the search engines nor the social networks. This black hole issue has always been in existence and internet marketers are the people that feel it gravitational pull the most. These marketers have been hired by companies to connect people and the goods and services they will need. But the people who want to buy cannot be reached or can they find these companies. To test this theory, try to create a page on Facebook and try to sell something. Unless you pay for ads, it is almost impossible to reach people outside your friends list.


In the bid to save the internet from being the wide wild west, the social networks and the search engines are deepening the black hole syndrome of the web which has always been in existence in the name of serving meaningful content. Very soon you can only see what some company or algorithms thing you might like or be interested in and it is not helpful to you in the long term because it will only skew your precept about the world even more and we can see this happening with some group of internet users already in terms of their political and social views.
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