The internet is a vast and wild place which can serve you content that you did not ask for or want to see. Because of that, algorithms and filters have been created to control what we see or read. But every good thing has a downside and it is your inability to gain the benefit that the internet has to offer which is hidden from you.


One very big downside which we have all noticed lately is the rise of the conservative movement and the nationalist ideology of people around the world. The 90s saw the liberation of information via the search engines like Yahoo which made people realize the world is much larger than their immediate environments. Then Google and Facebook came and they tried to filter what we see by algorithms and filters. And the harm this filters have caused is increase our innate biases. But a few people have access to the dark web and they can see what our true nature as human beings. An example is a picture of a site from the dark web shown below that sells drugs but you cannot find that on the internet. It is good that these things are hidden from us but society needs to see the under belly of humanity so that we can check our vises.


If you go on Facebook and you like some kind of political view or even if you are a racist, you can filter your news feed and connect with people who share your view point which deepens your biases. Some people even have the algorithms and filters serving them content that feed this biases from what they see from ads and the general news. An example is people who believe in conspiracies and superstitions get served more of those content. I remember the days when your news feed just streamed everything. That was very informative.


The internet was created to liberate information and enlighten people but it seems like we are being feed in a way that only grows our biases which is not helpful to the long term growth of our societies and the world in general. I like algorithms because they help to stream line content but it will be great if the user has a way to turn off those robots from trying to serve them content that those companies think the user will need. Some people will just like to see and read anything from allover the world and from people they have never met because it broadens their scope and view point and challenges some of their cognitive biases.


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