The idea of starting a business has always been with us since the dawn of time.Sometimes I think we are hardwired to start businesses because our imaginations always run wild with creative ideas. People have been buying and selling since the dawn of time but success is sometimes pure luck which has more to do with who you know, being at the right place and at the right time.


To be a great Entrepreneur you need some qualities that will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Richard Branson owner of Virgin Group –

  1. Every entrepreneur should have grit which is start something and never give up. The entrepreneur should get out there and just do it. He also emphasized that you should keep learning and accumulating knowledge all the time. Everyone can learn something from someone. And if you have an idea that can make other people’s lives better just put your mind to it and do it. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities and latch onto it when you see a good one.

Brian Souter owner of Stagecoach Group of bus and rail operators

  1. Most entrepreneurs cannot differentiate between the dynamics and the mechanics of a business and when you luck in one area your business will struggle. He says that entrepreneurs should be good at the dynamics of the business which is keeping the ideology,the passion, the drive and the energy of the people that work for them up and running. On the other hand an entrepreneur should learn to handover the mechanics of the business to others so that they can concentrate on the dynamics. And some of the mechanics are selling,cash flow, bookkeeping and more. Keep records of how all your businesses are doing like the sales and revenue numbers, number of employees and how every aspect is doing.

Jimmy Cregan owner of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Ltd. –

  1. Do something that everyone thinks it is crazy because they think it will not succeed. Also be crazy at what you do like wake up at 3am to find a new client or do something to find the new business. Brian Souter chimed in to say that the longer people think it is a crazy idea the better it is for you because by the time they realize it is a great idea and begin to copy it, you will be the leader in that market. They also pointed out that find a great mentor. And finally there is not the right or wrong time to jump into a business. Brain worked his day job until the business took off. Jimmy started all in and so did Richard Branson. So there is not a hard timeline on starting your new business.

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