We all know how wonderful it is to be motivated and incentivized to start something great but In everything, there is the period when the fun factor will be gone for good and giving up becomes a viable option.

For that reason we are going to look at ways to keep going even if all logic says we should quit. I guess we all know the statement that says doing something over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity. Well, I concur with that statement. At any point in time, one has to find another way of doing something or just move on. So when is it the right time to move on? Let us look at some signs that say we should stay on task until the out come is what we expect verses trowing in the towel and moving on.

Again let me emphasize that when the time comes for one to move on, they should not hesitate. But moving on may not be the best move when you have not exhausted all your options.

Some Options

  • In order to make sure that moving on is the right choice without any regrets in the future look to see that ¬†you have done all you can by trying all the tricks in problem solving. And some of the tricks of problem solving are
  1. Breaking the task down into little solvable parts.
  2. By using the method of elimination; meaning removing all the variables that do not apply to the problem you are trying to solve or scenario.
  3. Try out all the possible outcomes of the different scenarios that could happen. Like if you do this you get true and when you do that you get false
  4. Keep records of all the possible tests that you have already performed in order to keep track.
  • Don’t give up until you have done all of step 3 and 4 because that is where the answer to your question lays. If you give up in the middle of testing all the possible scenarios you have failed.
  • Be creative when you have done all of step 3 and 4. The imagination is a powerful tool nature has given to man kind. We can imagine things that do not exist and combine things that have never been put together. When you have run out of options, that is when the imagination begins to take shape. At this point people take a break others stay on task. Which ever you prefer it is okay, just think outside the box. I use both methods.
  • Sometimes insanity has to play it self out in order for you to arrive at your expected outcome because we are humans and we made errors. So repeat steps 1 to 4 over and over again until something happens and each time checking for all your possible past mistakes and don’t repeat them. Also i have come to learn that repetition opens the brain up to answers we have never thought of. So there is nothing wrong with repeating yourself over and over again until you get it.
  • At any point stop and ask if you need a special tool or some technology to solve the problem. If there exist the technology go and get it and if it does not exist invent it or stop work, you are ahead of your time. Come back at a later date.
  • Finally take a slower pace in everything difficult because you don’t want to miss a step and that step might just be your answer and it will save you a ton of hours and possibly days.

Now if after trying all the above approaches and you gain understanding of what you are doing, then ask yourself the most important question. If I continue to do this, will I get the result I am expecting? Please never quit until you ask yourself the question. Some people realize the answer within 5 minutes of looking at a problem based on their experience and others may take days depending on how difficult the problem is even if they have the experience. But in all things quit when you do not find the answer and pick it back up when you have answers to the point where you left off.


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