Selling is the ability to make something you believe in look the same to another person whereby they are willing to pay a premium.  Most small businesses sell something that is made by some manufacturing company in some part of the world. In marketing they are called channels of distribution.


We all rebrand every day by selling something of value in exchange for creating value for someone else. We trade our skills and time in exchange for purchasing power. Some ways of staying relevant are

  1. Innovation

When Microsoft and Adobe were making desktop software for years in the 90s, they sold like wildfire until the early 2000s when they stalled. If you bought the stocks of those two companies you would have held them for at least 4 years without any gains. Then in the middle two thousand and tens, they started rallying because of cloud computing. They managed to change their business model to stay relevant. The same thing happened with Apple for sometime until Steve Jobs was brought back to lead the company before the invention of the smart phone. As individuals, we have to keep learning and changing as the world changes. If you stop learning you will start falling behind in your industry.


  1. Branding or Renovation:

Innovation coupled with renovation is what keeps a business selling. Sometimes breaking through the market again and again takes doing something unusual to get noticed. We are all selling something and we remarket ourselves every day, be it on the job or to our friends and family members and to the community in which we live. This keeps us relevant. As individuals we create value by being our own salespeople and marketing team in order to create value for someone else through what we do. Same way with your small business. It has to keep looking for ways to  renovate and keep marketing the new idea in order to stay relevant in the market segment to which it belongs.


  1. Use of time

In order to stand out we have to keep moving forward regardless of the challenges life throws at us. Some people may dispute your brand and try to make it seem irrelevant. But as we learn and even remarket ourselves, we have to know that creating value takes a long period of time. I mean years and failure is inevitable.


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