In this article we are going to look at a niche marketing strategy which we are going to call the purple cow.

Marketing has changed since the inception of the marketing department. The marketing and the sales departments were the same until recently. Marketing itself has come of age with the invention and growth of the screen media.

In recent times digital marketing has taken off and there are new breeds of marketers that call themselves growth hackers. But the fact of the matter is there is a lot of noise on the web and the only way to be noticed is to kick the most dust and create your purple cow. In this article we are going to focus on how to create the purple cow.

In order to attract the people that will help you grow your business, you will need your niche audience who believe in your brand and also you will need to focus on what makes your brand unique. I call this your swag or cool factor or style. Your swag or style can be the way your website is structured, the way the colors are laid out on your brand or if you are a musician, how your beat is made. I guess someone will call it your trade secret but this is more than your trade secret.

Normally trade secrets are invisible to your competitors and the general public but your purple cow should have some features. 

Purple Cow Features

  1. It  should be something that everyone can see and
  2. It should tell a story that other people can tell others about. The best place to see this happening is with the Apple brand. They keep telling the same story even up to now. Nevertheless we have all heard the famous do no evil story line from Google.

The most important aspect of your purple cow is the storytelling part. With the storytelling part, you can write a blog about your product or services, recruit “influencers” to talk about your brand and your sales team also finds it easily to sell your products with these stories. And ultimately when someone hears the story of your purple cow, they should  know everything they need to know about your brand or brands. Some people may consider this brand personality or association but it is more than that. Seth Godin elaborated on this idea on the TEDx video below

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